The Greatest Movie Musicals Of All-Time

Everything I’ve done this week has been very rock-heavy, so I wanted to do a list this week that gave me a bit of a break from sonic overload. There was a time when liking musicals was seen as unmanly, that only chicks could dig a movie where people dance and sing for no reason. That changed after Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! became the first … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Musicals Of All-Time

The Felice Brothers-Mix Tape

I’m going to see The Felice Brothers tonight at Lincoln Hall. I haven’t had a chance to listen to their new record, Celebration, Florida yet, so here is a re-post of my thoughts on their last release. The Felice Brothers put out their self-titled debut in 2008. A year later, they put out two new releases, Yonder is the Clock and a self-recorded disc called Mix Tape. Originally intended as a … Continue reading The Felice Brothers-Mix Tape

Abigail Washburn-City of Refuge

Today is my day off. I’ve been sitting around doing not much of anything, but I’m trying to not waste the whole day away. I’ve been listening to a lot of things lately, but I return to this album by Abigail Washburn more than most others. An Illinois native who plays the banjo and sings songs like the 20th century never occurred, she puts a … Continue reading Abigail Washburn-City of Refuge