Heyward Howkins-Be Frank, Furness

The first thing that caught my attention about Heyward Howkins was his voice. A perfect balance between Antony Hegarty and Roy Orbison that gives the songs a bit of classic rock and post-modernism at the same time. My first time through the record I focused almost entirely on the vocals, unable to really pay any attention to anything else going on. They’ve done a nice … Continue reading Heyward Howkins-Be Frank, Furness

Ezra Furman-Day Of The Dog

This will probably come as a surprise to no one, but I think Ezra Furman is the most unique and talented songwriter working today. Last year he released his first solo album, The Year Of No Returning, and it easily found itself in my top 5 of 2012. His new release, Day Of The Dog, came out earlier this week. While it is entirely different-almost … Continue reading Ezra Furman-Day Of The Dog

Okkervil River-The Silver Gymnasium

The past fifteen years have seen a lot of changes in the music world. Napster, iTunes, the resurgence of vinyl (and for some reason cassettes). One of the few constants has been the quality of Okkervil River. Will Sheff and the rest of his Austin crew have put out hit after hit since ’98, and Silver Gymnasium is no exception. Their consistency in this era … Continue reading Okkervil River-The Silver Gymnasium

Top Ten Unappreciated Josh Ritter Songs

Tonight Josh Ritter hits Chicago, and I’ll be there just like I am every time he plays within 50 miles of me. I’m running through my usual show-day ritual of listening to some deep cuts, and I thought it might be a good time to shine a spotlight on some of the man’s unheralded work. Everybody loves “Kathleen” and “The Curse,” but let’s give it … Continue reading Top Ten Unappreciated Josh Ritter Songs