Molehill-“Hearts On Fire”

Chicago rockers Molehill have released the first of three singles coming out over the next few months that will make up their Hearts On Fire EP. The title track premiered on 50Thirdand3rd‘s website yesterday. The protest anthem feels very in-step with the times, and I’m all for any songs that stand behind the #Resist movement. Molehill has always been a band who knows what they … Continue reading Molehill-“Hearts On Fire”

Thaddeus Anna Greene-“In Vein”

Cleveland rockers Thaddeus Anna Greene have been making music together for a few years now, but they’re latest single may be just the hit to get their noise heard around the world. It’s a rock and blues-fueled gem dripping with desire and regret. The track comes from their new EP, Bleed, due out at the end of September. Continue reading Thaddeus Anna Greene-“In Vein”

Lydia Loveless-“Really Wanna See You”

Is it just me, or does it sound like Lydia Loveless really wanted to unleash her inner Tom Petty on this track? I’m months behind on listening to this record that came out waaaaay back in February, but I’m glad to be getting around to it. Somewhere Else is just her second full-length for Bloodshot Records, and while there is definitely some growth between the … Continue reading Lydia Loveless-“Really Wanna See You”

Ultimate Painting-“Ten Street”

I know very little about the band Ultimate Painting, but I know enough. Their blend of surf-rock groove and trippy psych-pop is a perfect mix to get your day started or to set you off for a night of wandering to no place in particular. If you’ve dug the stuff Temples has put out so far, you’ll definitely dig this band. Check out the song … Continue reading Ultimate Painting-“Ten Street”