Mamby On The Beach Day 1

Mamby On The Beach is a bit odd compared to other music festivals. Unlike React’s Spring Awakening, Mamby isn’t purely an electronic music fest, though the crossover of fans seems pretty high. This year’s lineup brings out a decent amount of rap and electronic artists, but many of them blend the two together. And then you have bands like Animal Collective and Wild Belle that … Continue reading Mamby On The Beach Day 1

Johnny Gallagher-Six Day Hurricane

If you only know John Gallagher, jr. from his acting roles in films like Short Term 12 or television programs like “Newsroom,” you’re really only seeing a limited view of the man’s many talents. He’s an award-winning Broadway actor whose performance in musicals like “Spring Awakening” and Green Day’s “American Idiot” catapulted him into the elite of musical theater. He’s long been an active songwriter … Continue reading Johnny Gallagher-Six Day Hurricane

My New Spotify Playlist, EDM Edition

It certainly would come as no surprise to people who read this site often that I am not a big EDM fan. Quite the opposite, actually. I’ve spent the better half of my adulthood discrediting the form and talking down to its fans. I realized at some point last year that my inert hatred of EDM was unfair to the people who work hard to … Continue reading My New Spotify Playlist, EDM Edition