Bruce Springsteen-Maria’s Bed

I’m taking off to Milwaukee to see Springsteen in a little bit, and I just wanted to leave this here so people remember this song exists. I’ve always thought “Maria’s Bed” was an absolute banger and never understood why it didn’t connect with a wider audience. Granted Devils & Dust isn’t a rocking album, but this song is a blast. His vocal delivery on it … Continue reading Bruce Springsteen-Maria’s Bed

Brian Fallon-Painkillers

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a decade since The Gaslight Anthem first formed. And it’s crazy to think it’s been almost that long since The ’59 Sound launched them to stardom. With that kind of success, I’m kind of surprised Brian Fallon hadn’t released a solo album yet. With the band now on hiatus, it must have been a great feeling for the frontman … Continue reading Brian Fallon-Painkillers

Craig Finn-“Screenwriters School”

Just a few months after releasing the critically acclaimed album Faith In The Future, Craig Finn is back with a new version of his EP Newmyer’s Roof (released last year via his PledgeMusic campaign) featuring a couple bonus tracks. “Screenwriters School” is dark and brooding, a little bit Lou Reed in atmosphere. The saxophone and electronic beats are a nice touch. As is the single … Continue reading Craig Finn-“Screenwriters School”

Gar Clemens-“Cricket Hill”

There are is a lot of great music coming to Chicago this week, courtesy of Dunn Dunn Fest. It all kicks off tomorrow, and one of the very first performers will be Gar Clemens, opening at The Hideout for Grace Askew. I haven’t had a chance to review his full album, Cricket Hill, but I enjoyed the Springsteen-esque title track very much. If you dig … Continue reading Gar Clemens-“Cricket Hill”

Brandon Flowers-The Desired Effect

   Have you ever wanted something so badly you would stop at nothing to get? Some holy grail that haunts your heart and mind, driving you to obsess over it until you can hold it in your hands? Brandon Flowers knows that feeling well, because he desperately wants to be our Springsteen. I say “our” Springsteen in a wide sense that encompasses anyone under 40. … Continue reading Brandon Flowers-The Desired Effect