The All-About: Suburban Heart

Suburban Heart has been one of my most highly anticipated records of 2013. Since Winterpop hit early last year The All-About have released a couple singles and an EP, including the almost perfect jam “Sadie Hawkins.” The build up to the new full-length dates all the way back to last year, but things have heated up recently with the release of two new singles, “Jessie” … Continue reading The All-About: Suburban Heart

2013 Grammy Predictions

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Grammys. On the one hand, I’m all for a night to celebrate music. On the other hand, I’m not really sure what we’re celebrating. Record sales? Mediocrity? Based on the albums that have won Best Album over the last 20 years, it can’t be quality. Two movie soundtracks have won (The Bodyguard, O’ Brother Where … Continue reading 2013 Grammy Predictions

Bruce Springsteen-Wrecking Ball

A lot has changed in the nearly forty years since Asbury Park introduced Bruce Springsteen to the world. Acclaimed shortly after as one of the great american songwriters, and the voice of blue collar America, Springsteen has spoken for the little guy like a modern-day Tom Joad. His early work was a bit political, but mostly storytelling through the eyes of a keen observer. Over … Continue reading Bruce Springsteen-Wrecking Ball