Favorite Photos of ’15-Ten Of My Best From This Year

It was a good year for picture taking, as we were able to get into some really awesome shows and festivals. Some of these photos I picked because I think they’re really good. Others I chose because of my own personal feelings toward them. So, if you see a pic and think “I saw your photos from that show and there were much better ones,” … Continue reading Favorite Photos of ’15-Ten Of My Best From This Year

Wire “Drill”s Chicago

The headlining act at Thalia Hall Friday night has been a band longer than a lot of the attendees have been alive. The first run of Wire’s storied career ended over 30 years ago and they’ve come and gone pretty much as they pleased since then. They’re currently enjoying the longest streak of steady unity, which started in 1999 with the return of drummer Robert … Continue reading Wire “Drill”s Chicago

Drill Festival Comes To Chicago 6/11-6/13

I wasn’t into Wire when I was younger. It wasn’t until a friend gave me their 2011 album Red Barked Tree that I really gave them a serious listen. The album is solid; far better than you’d expect from a band 30 years into their career. And their latest album, a self-titled haymaker sure to take your breath away, is even more impressive. But we’re … Continue reading Drill Festival Comes To Chicago 6/11-6/13

(Kari’s) Top Concert Photos Of 2014

It’s been a great year, and between Kari and I we’ve taken probably tens of thousands of photos at concerts and festivals. Of those, about ten of mine were good. Kari had a much higher quantity of great shots, which is probably why I just shoot occasionally and she shoots for Pop’Stache and Brooklyn Vegan, as well as for this little site. Here are her … Continue reading (Kari’s) Top Concert Photos Of 2014

My Best Friend Bill, Whom I’ve Never Met

It’s been a couple months now and I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like, when you find out something about a person and it completely changes everything you’ve known for your entire relationship. A chill runs down your spine and your mind melts into a puddle at the same time. That’s the awful, cold, confused feeling I’ve had since it happened, and … Continue reading My Best Friend Bill, Whom I’ve Never Met