The Congregation-Record Collection

It’s been a long wait for the new record by Chicago’s soul/r&b band The Congregation. Just before their last record they were opening for Wilco and Garbage, then it got a little silent in the aftermath of the release. Right Now Everything was at times a raucous jam of a blues record that I thought would propel these deserving musicians to the next level. I … Continue reading The Congregation-Record Collection

Take Me To The River-Premiering At CIMM Fest 5/4

Geographically speaking, everyone knows that “Music City” is Nashville, Tennessee. People sometimes forget, though, that “Soulsville, U.S.A.” is only a couple hundred miles to the southwest. Memphis, Tennessee is the birthplace of some of the greatest blues and soul records ever made, and the documentary Take Me To The River attempts to celebrate some of the amazing artists involved in making the city such a … Continue reading Take Me To The River-Premiering At CIMM Fest 5/4