Arkells-Morning Report

Arkells recorded most of their new record, Morning Report, in Toronto, but it feels like the constant touring across the States made it’s way into the sound on which they decided. Right off the bat on, “Drake’s Dad,” you can feel the Stax influence as Max Kerman sings about Beale Street in Memphis. Morning Report is very much a studi0-recorded road album. You can hear … Continue reading Arkells-Morning Report

Nice As Fuck Supergroup Lives Up To Name

Tonight in Chicago a new band called Nice As Fuck, fronted by Jenny Lewis and featuring Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Forster and The Like’s Tennessee Thomas, played their first show in town. Headlining the already cozy Subterranean in Wicker Park, they opted for an even more intimate “In The Round” show where they played on the floor instead of the stage. Music lovers that got … Continue reading Nice As Fuck Supergroup Lives Up To Name

The Karma Killers at SubT 4/1/2016

The Karma Killers had the honor of opening for Arkells and Dreamers at Subterranean last night, and it was honestly one of the best opening sets I’ve ever seen. I’d never heard of this band, but from the very first note it was like someone took a cord and plugged the audience in to a 1.21 jigawatt socket. Frontman Micky James was dynamic and charming-half … Continue reading The Karma Killers at SubT 4/1/2016

Live Review: Marrow at SubT 8/19/2015

   Marrow played a really great set last night at Subterranean in Chicago. How great was it? Well, great enough that I stuck it out despite wanting to murder about 75% of the audience who were too busy talking to one another to pay any attention to the band on stage. Between the guy about 5 feet behind me talking to his friend (I’d say … Continue reading Live Review: Marrow at SubT 8/19/2015

CIMMFest Film And Music Preview

Last year the CIMMFest team was cool enough to let me check out a couple events and sent me some screeners so I could review other movies that I couldn’t see when they showed in theaters. It was a lot of fun, and they’re so passionate about bringing the worlds of cinema and music together it’s hard not to get excited along with them. This … Continue reading CIMMFest Film And Music Preview