Dunn Dunn Fest Returns Next Week!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the last installment of Chicago’s finest multi-venue music festival, Dunn Dunn Fest. The yearly smorgasbord of great music is provided by Harmonica Dunn founder Donnie Biggins. Every year he finds amazing known talent and acts flying under the radar and puts them all together for a crazy three days of discovery and enjoyment. Last year I … Continue reading Dunn Dunn Fest Returns Next Week!

Arkells At Subterannean 11/12/2016

The crowd was all riled up and ready to go for Arkells after an explosive performance from The Darcys. (Here’s a little clip if you’re unfamiliar).  As the band made their way down the spiral staircase, one of many unique aspects of the Chicago venue, they were met with an explosion of cheers as they unleashed the opening notes of Morning Report‘s opening track “Drake’s … Continue reading Arkells At Subterannean 11/12/2016

We Were Promised Jetpacks at Subterannean 7/28/2015

Yesterday was the hottest in three years in Chicago, so I decided to cap it off by joining a sold-out crowd for We Were Promised Jetpacks at the hottest venue in the city (they get great bands AND it’s an oven in there). The Glaswegian rockers felt the heat as well. Frontman Adam Thompson commented at one point “Thanks for staying. It’s hot enough if … Continue reading We Were Promised Jetpacks at Subterannean 7/28/2015

Moon Taxi at Subterannean for Dunn Dunn Fest 2/22/14

When I saw the lineup for this year’s Dunn Dunn Fest, I was most excited about Saturday night’s show at Subterannean. I’ve been a fan of Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes since I first heard them a couple years ago, and I’ve seen them a couple times already so I know they’re great live. I picked up a used copy of Santah’s record White … Continue reading Moon Taxi at Subterannean for Dunn Dunn Fest 2/22/14

The Future Laureates At Subterannean 5/12/12


When I did an interview with The Future Laureates at the beginning of April, Danny Surico said something I didn’t quite grasp at the time. He said, “We’re a pop band, but I want our shows to have the energy of a punk show.” At the time that seemed impossible-postpunk maybe, but not a real down and dirty CBGB’s in the 70’s type punk show. Saturday night, as if trying to prove me wrong, the band put on one of the most electric shows I’ve seen in a while, with Danny doing everything short of cutting his body up with shards of glass on stage.

The show was sold out, and you could easily tell that everyone in the crowd was there for the main attraction. Thanks a lot Tree and Cobalt & The Hired Guns. You’re cool, but the quicker you get off stage, the sooner we can get this party started. It was nice to see that members of the audience included some of Future Laureates fellow Chicago Roots Collective family like Trevor Jones of Molehill and Kristina Priceman of Mike Mangione And The Union (who joined the band on violin for a couple songs). The section of the room I was in, about four feet from the stage on the right, was filled with family and friends of the band, as well as the James Hyde cheering section. Continue reading “The Future Laureates At Subterannean 5/12/12”