80/35 Reveals Initial Lineup

I went to the inaugural 80/35 Festival in Des Moines way back in 2008. The headliners were The Roots and The Flaming Lips, and since it was 4th of July weekend, it was capped off with a fireworks show. Since that year I’ve felt like the lineups have all been a step backwards, not coming close to the bands that played the first-one exception being … Continue reading 80/35 Reveals Initial Lineup

Smith Westerns-Soft Will

There are a couple complaints I hear all the time about Smith Westerns. The first is that they’re a one-note band who keep recycling the same song over and over like Marge Simpson’s Chanel dress. The other is that they are quite boring. While I understand the first complaint (though I don’t agree with it), the second one just makes me think people aren’t listening … Continue reading Smith Westerns-Soft Will

Summerfest 2013 Preview and Playlist

Every summer up in Milwaukee there’s a festival for music fans of all genres. Summerfest runs the gamut from pop to folk, blues and jazz, techno to hip-hop and everything else in between. Over the course of 12 days the festival hosts something like a thousand sets of music. They feature headliners for people young and old with bands like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, … Continue reading Summerfest 2013 Preview and Playlist

Spring Awakening Festival Preview

With the rise in popularity of EDM over the past two decades, I’m amazed that Chicago hasn’t had a festival celebrating the genre for a long time. We’re ten days away from the Spring Awakening Festival, in only its second year. They’ve put together another great lineup of talent from around the globe to keep the crowds moving all day and night. Last year’s inaugural … Continue reading Spring Awakening Festival Preview