Over the past few months a handful of my friends have been talking about Joywave. Most of them are into stuff a bit poppier than I am, but I wanted to check them out before they start getting super popular. When they released their recent single, “It’s A Trip!,” I wasn’t too excited by it. The latest song, “Doubt,” is much more in tune with … Continue reading Joywave-“Doubt”

Jonah Parzen-Johnson-“Cabin Pressure”

A couple weeks ago I was surprised to see a couple members of Zongo Junction playing in the current lineup of Hurray For The Riff Raff at Thalia Hall. I talked to Jordan Hyde afterward and mentioned that I had seen his old bandmate Jonah Parzen-Johnson play about a year ago at a bicycle shop here in Chicago. I hadn’t heard anything from Jonah for … Continue reading Jonah Parzen-Johnson-“Cabin Pressure”

Sir Sly-“High”

If you’ve been following Sir Sly for a while, you may have been pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail last week from Hayden Copley describing the events leading to their latest single, “High” (it’s pretty funny, so I’ll include it at the bottom). I was excited to hear that the group is back and releasing new songs, and equally excited that the latest is really … Continue reading Sir Sly-“High”

Vowws at Lincoln Hall 2/6/2017

Last night Vowws hit the stage at Lincoln Hall to play for a crowd for which most openers could only wish. Almost everyone in the audience was not only aware of Vowws, but knew the words to the songs and were as much their for them as they were for headliner White Lies. I was not that familiar, but found the set to be very … Continue reading Vowws at Lincoln Hall 2/6/2017

Lany at Metro 11/3/2016

I caught Lany earlier this year at Mamby On The Beach and thought they were pretty good. Definitely good enough that I wanted to see them again. Based on last night’s show at Metro, I think this trio has potential to be a huge group if that’s what they want. The show wasn’t sold out, but it felt pretty close, and those who were there … Continue reading Lany at Metro 11/3/2016