80/35 Weekend Recap

   Great music, amazing food, good friends…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why this year’s 80/35 music festival was the best yet. With attendance upwards of 35,000 people, Des Moines was overrun with people looking for a fun time, and boy did they deliver. I wasn’t sure that it would be worth the 5.5 hour drive from Chicago, and I was pleasantly surprised. … Continue reading 80/35 Weekend Recap

Talib Kweli at 80/35

“Y’all ready for Talib Kweli?!?!?!?” This was the refrain from the dj in between dropping bits and pieces from tracks like Dr Dre’s “The Next Episode” and Kanye’ “Golddigger.” After what seemed like a long time, Kweli finally appeared behind the stage and made his way to the front. This was my third time seeing Talib, and it never gets old. His live persona is … Continue reading Talib Kweli at 80/35

The Official 80/35 Preview

  It’s been 7 years since I last walked across the hallowed grounds of Gateway Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Year 1 of the 80/35 music festival was quite a surprise for those who doubted a Midwestern summer music fest outside of Chicago or Milwaukee could be successful right off the bat. The people organizing did a fantastic job getting bands that had a wide appeal … Continue reading The Official 80/35 Preview

Summerfest 2013 6/26 And 6/27

I think I mentioned in my preview of Summerfest how ridiculous the whole thing is. There’s more bands playing than one person could ever possibly need to see at one time, and they aren’t like little tiny bands you can walk into a random bar and see in any big city. These are names that you recognize, especially if you follow music like I do. … Continue reading Summerfest 2013 6/26 And 6/27