Ezra Furman Live At Lincoln Hall 8/11/2015

Even Jim Halpert couldn’t fathom the eye roll that I imagine follows this sentence: “Oh cool, Music.Defined. is writing about Ezra Furman…again.” That’s fine. Trust me, I’m as baffled as you are. Since I first started listening to Ezra back in 2010 I’ve probably written about him 20 times. Easily more than any other artist I’ve covered (maybe Sons Of An Illustrious Father is close). … Continue reading Ezra Furman Live At Lincoln Hall 8/11/2015

Ezra Furman-Perpetual Motion People

   After a few years of Ezra Furman fandom, you start to put unfair expectations on the singer. The past five years have seen a few great albums come out of the Evanston native. Every time a new record is announced I think “No way this could possibly be as good as the last one.” And time and time again, I’m proven wrong. Perpetual Motion … Continue reading Ezra Furman-Perpetual Motion People