El Vy-Return To The Moon (Video)

Maybe Matt Berninger isn’t as boring as I thought he was. Perhaps it’s just my weariness with The National’s decision to repeat themselves over and over again. With his new project, El Vy, Berninger seems to be re-energized. The tandem he creates with Brent Knopf isn’t a huge departure from the bittersweet sounds of Brooklyn’s saddest hip band, but it’s enough of a change that … Continue reading El Vy-Return To The Moon (Video)

The Main Chance-Lunagraphy

If The National broke up right after Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers, and Matt Berninger started a solo career, Lunagraphy by The Main Chance is the kind of record he’d make. The first half of it anyway. As soon as I pushed play on the first track I couldn’t stop thinking about how much Will Gosner’s voice reminded me of the frontman for one of … Continue reading The Main Chance-Lunagraphy

Mistaken For Strangers

Last night I walked into the tiny Facets Cinemateque theater to see Mistaken For Strangers. I thought it was just going to be a run-of-the-mill doc following the band around with a bunch of concert footage and some silly behind the scenes antics. Instead I saw a real movie about a man (director Tom Berninger) searching for his place in life and coming to terms … Continue reading Mistaken For Strangers

Biggest Disappointments Of 2013

10.┬áTicket Prices-I know this controversey has been around for 20 years, but it’s finally starting to really bother me. I get into a lot of shows for free, so maybe the high cost of tickets is just more shocking to me now. I know if I go see Springsteen it’s gonna cost me a pretty penny, but he’s also going to play for at least … Continue reading Biggest Disappointments Of 2013

Who To See At Lollapalooza 2013

Every year the people at C3 release the lineup for Lollapalooza and you think, “Oh sweet! There’s a lot of bands I’d like to see this year!!!” Then you buy your tickets, only to find out afterward that every band you want to catch is playing across the park from another band you love. They force you to make an impossible choice, and that could … Continue reading Who To See At Lollapalooza 2013