60 Minutes Or Less: The Hasty Revelations Album

When I first brought the idea of Hasty Revelations to Rick Riggs at Handwritten, it was a purely selfish endeavor. How wonderful, I thought, to have bands that I love come in to the studio and play a song just for me. Of course, I would share these songs afterward, but for one hour, they were completely mine and no one else’s. Rick seemed to … Continue reading 60 Minutes Or Less: The Hasty Revelations Album

The Welcome At Beat Kitchen 5/10/12

Just over a year after first meeting Gehring Miller to do an interview about his band, The Welcome, I finally had a chance to see them play live. There have been a lot of emails and Facebook messages throughout the last twelve months, but our schedules never matched up. The group took a short hiatus after completing their EP-a-month marathon of releases toward the end … Continue reading The Welcome At Beat Kitchen 5/10/12

The Welcome-Supermoon EP

 I’ve always been a big supporter of bands creating their own sound. It helps the band write, as they have a certain voice that informs how a song should flow and what works inside that context. It also helps the listener. How many times have you been driving down the street, and within a couple notes on the radio, you can say without question “That’s … Continue reading The Welcome-Supermoon EP

Eleanor Friedberger-Last Summer

We have a bit of a connection between yesterday’s post and today’s, an unusual occurrence for us. Eleanor Friedberger hails from Oak Park, IL. That happens to be where The Welcome make their music. Who would have thought that one good musician would come from Oak Park, let alone whole bands (and don’t forget Betty White, Bob Newhart, and Ernest Hemingway)! Like it’s own little … Continue reading Eleanor Friedberger-Last Summer