Wilco @ Overture Hall 10/5/11

I’m having pretty mixed feelings about the show last night in Madison. The music was great, as always, but I was finding it very hard to enjoy myself fully. Maybe I’ve become a bit curmudgeonly over the years and I just can’t be in a crowd this large anymore without getting annoyed by the people surrounding me. I haven’t nailed it down yet, but here’s … Continue reading Wilco @ Overture Hall 10/5/11

Wilco-The Whole Love (First Impressions)

¬†As with any Wilco record, it’s almost impossible for me to really make a judgement on the music until I hear it live. I kinda hated Sky Blue Sky until I saw the band perform in Davenport. The music takes on a completely different feeling when it’s being played right in front of you. Even the more mundane parts of Wilco (The Album) come across … Continue reading Wilco-The Whole Love (First Impressions)