Titus Andronicus-An Anomaly

Titus Andronicus is about to drop their seventh album, and yesterday they released a seven minute music video for the track “An Anomaly.” As a big fan of Patrick Stickles and his devotion to rock music, I am excited to hear all the new instant classics Titus has in store for us at the end of this month when The Will To Live is released. … Continue reading Titus Andronicus-An Anomaly

Titus Andronicus-(I Blame) Society

Titus Andronicus has been one of my favorite bands over the last decade. Patrick Stickles and his constantly changing band hit the sweet spot between folk and punk that I love, and the live show is as good as it gets. Yesterday Merge announced a new record, An Obelisk, coming out June 21st and gave us our first taste with “(I Blame) Society).” The new … Continue reading Titus Andronicus-(I Blame) Society

Titus Andronicus-“Number One (In New York)”

Last night Patrick Stickles announced the release date for a new Titus Andronicus album, and posted the first single to YouTube. It’s been a couple years since The Most Lamentable Tragedy, so a new record is a great way to start 2018. And “Number One (In New York)” finds Stickles at the height of anger and resentment. The video, directed by Ray Concepcion, also shows … Continue reading Titus Andronicus-“Number One (In New York)”

Top Concerts of 2016

Some would have you believe that BeyoncĂ© or Coldplay or maybe even Radiohead put on the best shows in 2016 (probably a couple for LCD Soundsystem, too). If they’re talking about making money, then yes, those artists definitely did. But, judging shows purely on the music, these were my 10 favorites of the year. Titus Andronicus at Bottom Lounge Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins … Continue reading Top Concerts of 2016

Titus Andronicus at Bottom Lounge 9/28/2016

If you asked me who the top 5 live rock bands are, Titus Andronicus would be at the top of the list. They’ve impressed me every time I’ve seen them (last night was number 5). Through various changes in the lineup they’ve maintained the high standard of performance exemplified by frontman Patrick Stickles. The relationship between those on stage and those in the audience is … Continue reading Titus Andronicus at Bottom Lounge 9/28/2016