Red Spot Rhythm Section-You Got Lucky

It’s been almost four years since Tom Petty passed away. Not a day goes by that the void he left in the world doesn’t seem to get bigger. Fortunately, his music remains among the world of the living, and we get to enjoy it whenever we want. I’ve been a little surprised that there haven’t been a bajillion tribute albums released already, but maybe other … Continue reading Red Spot Rhythm Section-You Got Lucky

Kiefer Sutherland at Thalia Hall 5/21/2017

It’s easy to write off Kiefer Sutherland’s music career as a vanity project, but after seeing him live I can assure you it is not. I actually figured that out when I saw that his debut album was produced by Jude Cole, a singer/songwriter who’s been making music for over 30 years. Together they turned Sutherland’s collection of songs he’s been writing for as long … Continue reading Kiefer Sutherland at Thalia Hall 5/21/2017

Bottlerock Announces Lineup For 2017 Festival

My experience at Bottlerock last year was pretty great. I had to transcribe interviews for a different website, but I got to take photos of some great bands. They have a really nice setup in Napa, with a stage where bands join chefs to cook food, great wine options if you’re into that sort of thing, and a bunch of interesting food options. The lineup … Continue reading Bottlerock Announces Lineup For 2017 Festival

Mooner Release New Single “Alison” (Video)

I got to see Mooner in a unique setting last week when they played as a duo at Jerry’s in Wicker Park. It was a nice reminder of how solid their songs are, as I hadn’t seen them perform in about a year. The vocals were pushed a little further than a normal show, so you could really hear Lee Ketch’s voice singing his words. … Continue reading Mooner Release New Single “Alison” (Video)

Petty Fest at Metro 4/23/14: A Benefit Show For Sweet Relief, Sponsored By Jameson



My boss is probably a little pissed at me because I sang myself hoarse last night screaming and clapping along with all 27 or so songs that were played. I don’t care. It was a night to celebrate one of America’s greatest treasures, Thomas Earl Petty, and I wasn’t about to let the threat of a day not being able to speak above a whisper stop me from having a good time. After stops in LA and Seattle, it was finally Chicago’s chance to host The Cabin Down Below Band and their cast of all-star guests, and it was an event no one will soon forget.

The main players took the stage and launched into their opening number, “Cabin Down Below.” Immediately any doubt of them not being up to the huge task of honoring Petty flew out the window. You may think of them as a “cover band,” but these cats can play with anyone. Especially their lead guitarist who had the double duty of paying tribute to Petty as well as Mike Campbell, and he did both as admirably as one could hope.

The guest stars all showed up with their game faces on. It’s all in good fun, of course, but for the most part everyone seemed to take getting the songs right pretty seriously. I was surprised by some of the performances-people I thought could easily phone it in or get by on their name alone ended up being some of the best of the night. Case in point, Danny Masterson and Adam Busch from the show Men At Work. Not only did they knock “Yer So Bad” out of the park musically, but Busch’s stage presence was incendiary. I was shocked (SHOCKED!) by how good they were.
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