RE: The Greatest 25 Films Of The 21st Century (BBC)

So the buffoons over at BBC got buzzed on some Earl Grey and posted this whack version of the best 25 films made so far this century (nay, this milennia!). There’s some good stuff on there, many films also appear on my list below, but there’s a few I can’t get behind. How Pan’s Labyrinth is still considered to be some amazing film boggles my … Continue reading RE: The Greatest 25 Films Of The 21st Century (BBC)

Best Songs (So Far) Of 2015

   It’s been a pretty good year for music so far. Last week I posted my top albums that have come out this year (up to Friday of last week). Now it’s time for the best songs list, which I’ve limited to 25 (and yes, two of those spots are taken by Leon Bridges so deal with it). 25. The Decemberists-“The Singer Addresses His Audience” … Continue reading Best Songs (So Far) Of 2015

Best Releases At Midpoint Of 2014

Somehow we’re already into the back end of June. Feels like just yesterday it was snowing here in Chicago and now it’s 95 degrees and humid. Oh the joys of the midwest seasonal cycle. One thing that has brought a lot of happiness this year is all the great music that’s been coming out. The first couple months it was one great release after another, … Continue reading Best Releases At Midpoint Of 2014

Top 25 Tracks Of 2012 (so far)

Last week I posted my top 25 albums released so far this year. This week I’m once again foregoing my regularly posted Revolving Top Ten and providing you with my Top 25 Tracks so far. You’ll probably notice quite a bit of overlap between albums and songs. That’s to be expected. If it’s a top 25 album, chances are there is at least one top … Continue reading Top 25 Tracks Of 2012 (so far)

Top 25 Albums Of The First Half Of 2012


It appears that everyone and their sister is putting up a mid-point top 25 list already, so I figured what the heck. I’ve heard 25 albums this year, maybe I should make a list. Fortunately I’ve been keeping a weekly top ten on the site every week since February, so I don’t have to think about my top ten at all. There have been a lot of albums that have come close to making the list, or been on and fell off shortly after. This is their time to shine, as they are all still very much worth your time. Not quite all of these have been reviewed on the site-I honestly don’t have time to post about every record I listen to, but I get close. For the most part these are names are ones you’ll recognize from previous posts. If not, you need to start doing some listening. Links to reviews will be provided.

25. MetricSynthetica

24. Hoots & HellmouthSalt

23. SharksNo Gods

22. Of MontrealParalytic Stalks

21. IslandsA Sleep & A Forgetting

Continue reading “Top 25 Albums Of The First Half Of 2012”