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Air: Twentyears-A Top Ten List

April 12, 2017 Leave a comment

Yesterday this very website celebrated its sixth anniversary (yay!). Another big milestone is coming up for the duo that make up Air, the 20th anniversary of their debut Premiers Symptômes. They’ve announced a tour (their first US dates in 7 years) and put out a compilation of their best work since they hit the scene. You can hear it on Spotify or order a deluxe version here.

There was a time for a while when I would listen to Air almost every day. I was working in a kitchen making lunch and dinner for frat boys as one of my jobs for the catering company at which I was working. It was thankless to say the least, so I made a “morning mix” playlist to get my head in the game. It was all stuff from their first four records (minus Suicides, which would have the opposite effect to what I was hoping). It worked like a charm.

Air have always been great at creating an atmosphere with their music. Even into their later works, they’ve stood out as a group that’s identifiable-you know who you’re hearing without even thinking about it.

They also have a knack for picking artists to collaborate with that can elevate their songs to the next level. A few guests pop up in my list below, including Jarvis Cocker and Beck.

The live shows are taking place this June. They’ll be hitting Chicago, as well as New York, Boston, DC, San Francisco, LA, and Santa Barbara. Tickets for these shows are on sale now. Click here for more details.

10. “The Duelist”

9. “Sing Sang Sung”

8. “So Light Is Her Footfall”

7. “Mike Mills”

6. “Highschool Lover”

5. “One Hell Of A Party”

4. “The Vagabond”

3. “La Femme d’Argent”

2. “Playground Love”

1. “Kelly Watch The Stars”

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Top Ten: Seinfeld Episodes

With every episode of Seinfeld now streaming on Hulu, I felt like it was a good time to look back and ponder which are the best. It’s been talked about before, and I think there are a few episodes that everyone can agree hits all the notes that make Seinfeld great (“The Contest” is the most popular pick for best, but it isn’t my favorite). Below, find the ten episodes that I think elevate the show to the lauded “Greatest Sitcom Ever” level it currently holds.

10. The Invitations

9. The Understudy

8. The Puerto Rican Day

7. The Andrea Doria

6. The Soup Nazi

5. The Contest

4. The Library 

3. The Chinese Restaurant

2. The Parking Garage

1. The Outing

CLICK ME! CLICK ME! CLICK ME! The Best Albums Of The First Half Of 2015

25. Jeff Bridges-Sleeping Tapes

24. Patrick Watson-Love Songs For Robots

23. Jessica Pratt-On Your Own Love Again

22. Torres-Sprinter

21. Bhi Bhiman-Rhythm & Reason

20. Hiatus Kaiyote-Choose Your Weapon

19. Lionel O-MLO

18. July Talk-July Talk

17. Molehill-Tin God 

16. Ike Reilly-Born On Fire

15. Natalie Prass-Natalie Prass

14. Villagers-Darling Arithmetic

13. Fort Frances-No One Needs To Know Our Name

12. Project Film-Different Rooms

11. Waxahatchee-Ivy Tripp

10. Rhiannon Giddens-Tomorrow Is My Turn

9. In Tall Buildings-Driver

8. Lupe Fiasco-Tetsuo & Youth

7. Shilpa Ray-Last Year’s Savage

6. The Decemberists-What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

5. The Mountain Goats-Beat The Champ

4. Of Montreal-Aureate Gloom

3. Tobias Jesso Jr- Goon

2. Gloom Balloon-The Songs That Couldn’t Swim

1. Kendrick Lamar-To Pimp A Butterfly

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The Gift Of Life Fraternal: The Best Of The Felice Brothers

You are living in a golden age of American music right now. It’s not easy to notice, but if you really take a look, I think you’ll see that I’m right. One of the many reasons I know this is that we have The Felice Brothers guiding us-both as a link to the past and a portent of a beautiful future. They’re still able to fly under the radar of most mainstream music listeners, but they helped kickstart this revival of Americana that’s brought us some really amazing bands (and some not so amazing, but what’re ya gonna do?).

I’ve been a fan for about 8 years now, and through every release and live show they’ve never disappointed. They’ve put on some awesome shows and even played as the backing band for the best Conor Oberst show I’ve ever seen (his record label Team Love signed the Brothers a few years ago). They’re coming back to my town in a couple weeks to help kick off festival season and I couldn’t be more excited.

In honor of their headlining slot at Remix Chicago on June 6th, I’ve put together what I think are their ten best songs:


Woman Next Door

Katie Dear

Lincoln Continental

The Mating Of The Doves

Wonderful Life

Fire At The Pageant

Penn Station

Frankie’s Gun

White Limo (with Conor Oberst)

Top 10 Concerts Of 2014

December 16, 2014 Leave a comment

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f75/21987375/files/2014/12/img_1714.jpgWe’re not quite to the end of 2014, but my concert calendar is empty and I don’t plan on hitting any more shows. It’s been a great year, with lots of big acts making their way through Chicago. Some smaller acts make the list as well, but in my mind they should be way more popular so consider this a heads up: If you aren’t already listening to them, you should be.

Side note: Four of these videos were shot by me, and one features me for a brief moment. Can you guess which ones are which?

10. Wilco At The Riviera 12/11/14

9. Deltron 3030 At Block 37 8/2/2014

8. Jameson Presents The Best Fest, Pettyfest At Metro 4/23/2014

7. Blake Mills At Mayne Stage 9/28/2014

6. Smith Westerns At Lincoln Hall 12/23/2014 (final show)
5. Beck At Pitchfork 7/18/2014

4. Josh Ritter At City Winery

3. Justin Timberlake At United Center 2/16/2014

2. Run The Jewels At Lacuna Lofts

1. Stevie Wonder At United Center 11/14/2014

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Top 10 Local Releases Of 2014 (Chicago)

December 13, 2014 Leave a comment

10. The Damn Choir-Creatures Of Habit

9. NE-HI by NE-HI

8. Bummer-Bummer

7. Twin Peaks-Wild Onion

6. Michele McGuire-Off The Wagon

5. Martin Van Ruin-Every Man A King

4. Flesh Panthers-S/T

3. Axons-Unmanageable

2. Empires-How Good Does It Feel

1. Archie Powell & The Exports-Back In Black

Top 10 Moments In Music 2014

December 9, 2014 Leave a comment

10. Lorde’s Identity Is Revealed And She’s Actually Randy Marsh.

9. U2 Put An Album In My iTunes, And Apple Made An Update To Take It Off

8. Keira Knightley Can Sing?

7. Justin Timberlake Making A Run For The Border After His People’s Choice Award WinIMG_1575.JPG

6. Jay Z and Solange Fight In An Elevator-FINALLY a reason to bring up Beyoncé

5. The Roots Ride Dr Demon’s Free Fall At Universal Studios Orlando

4. Bruce Springsteen Inducts The E Street Band

3. The Greatest Music Video Of All-Time Debuts

2. Lorde Takes Diplo To Task On TwitterIMG_1571.PNG

1. Yusuf/Cat Stevens Returns At Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

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