The Gift Of Life Fraternal: The Best Of The Felice Brothers

   You are living in a golden age of American music right now. It’s not easy to notice, but if you really take a look, I think you’ll see that I’m right. One of the many reasons I know this is that we have The Felice Brothers guiding us-both as a link to the past and a portent of a beautiful future. They’re still able … Continue reading The Gift Of Life Fraternal: The Best Of The Felice Brothers

Top 10 Moments In Music 2014

10. Lorde’s Identity Is Revealed And She’s Actually Randy Marsh. 9. U2 Put An Album In My iTunes, And Apple Made An Update To Take It Off 8. Keira Knightley Can Sing? 7. Justin Timberlake Making A Run For The Border After His People’s Choice Award Win 6. Jay Z and Solange Fight In An Elevator-FINALLY a reason to bring up BeyoncĂ© 5. The Roots … Continue reading Top 10 Moments In Music 2014

Worst Disappointments Of 2014

We still have a month left in 2014, so there’s plenty of time for me to be disappointed by everyone. But we’ll take a couple weeks off for the holidays, and once you take out time for sleeping and eating it’s basically just a couple days-a weekend really. Better get it over with now. These are the 10 things I was most disappointed by in … Continue reading Worst Disappointments Of 2014