The Top Songs Of 2017

I think we can all agree 2017 has been a long decade. For every step forward we took over the past eight years, it seems we’ve taken 2 giant steps back since January. Fortunately, music has continued to be a kind of refuge from the harsh reality we find ourselves inhabiting, and it’s been a pretty good 12 months in that regard. There were only … Continue reading The Top Songs Of 2017

Finally! Top Films Of 2016

Seems like I’m later than usual getting to this, but we’re still a few days out from the Oscars so I think I’m ok. Finished watching all the best picture nominees this week and have prepared my rankings of all the films I’ve seen this year. There were a lot of great movies this year, many of them went underseen. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon … Continue reading Finally! Top Films Of 2016

Music.Defined.’s Favorite Songs Of 2016

I didn’t get up to 100 songs this year. I tried and there just wasn’t enough material for 100 that I felt warranted listing. There’s a ton of stuff I haven’t heard, as there is every year, but these are the best of the music of which I had a chance to listen.  The order isn’t that important, though I’m designating Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” and … Continue reading Music.Defined.’s Favorite Songs Of 2016

Midpoint:2016-Best Albums, Songs, and Photos

It’s hard to believe it’s already halfway through the year. Time flies, but at least we’ve had some great music to keep us company through that long winter and week-long spring. Now it’s summer and festival season is already in full swing. I’m looking forward to getting some pictures over the next few weeks at Pitchfork and 80/35 that will make the end-of-year list of … Continue reading Midpoint:2016-Best Albums, Songs, and Photos

Best Films Of 2014 (Finally)

It took me a while, but I’ve finally seen all the motion pictures I felt necessary to make a thorough top ten list. 2014 was a great year for movies, despite what we always hear-“The prices are too high and the movies aren’t as good as they used to be.” It was an especially great year in film for me, as I got to cover … Continue reading Best Films Of 2014 (Finally)