Little Junior-I Really Like You

Shot-for-shot remakes aren’t a sure bet. Look no further than the abomination that is Gus Van Sant’s attempt at remaking Psycho. However, sometimes they can work and even improve upon the original. Case in point, Little Junior’s video for their cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You.” The original is a fun lark with Tom Hanks being adored by fans (is it a … Continue reading Little Junior-I Really Like You

The Strumbellas at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017

I first heard about The Strumbellas at a music festival in Toronto back in 2014. Unfortunately, they were playing the same time as another group I wanted to see. So finally, over three years later, on Thursday night I got to see the Canadian Americana band take the stage at Thalia Hall. The band did not disappoint, playing a set filled with the hits from … Continue reading The Strumbellas at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017

Dizzy at Schubas 9/30/2017

Dizzy are currently touring with Tei Shi around North America, opening up the evenings with some of their new music. I’d never heard of the Toronto-based quartet before, which makes sense because they recently changed their name from Good Ghost. They spent part of the summer recording their debut record, and the songs they played off it Saturday night at Schubas were definitely ones I … Continue reading Dizzy at Schubas 9/30/2017

Weaves at Lincoln Hall 1/12/2017

Last night Toronto’s Weaves hit the stage at Lincoln Hall for Tomorrow Never Knows festival. They brought with them the energy we’ve come to expect from Ontario’s better rock bands (July Talk, Strumbellas, Arkells). I hadn’t heard the band before, and I was impressed with how taken the crowd was with their music. Lead singer Jasmyn Burke does possess a certain magnetic characteristic, and her … Continue reading Weaves at Lincoln Hall 1/12/2017

Arkells-Morning Report

Arkells recorded most of their new record, Morning Report, in Toronto, but it feels like the constant touring across the States made it’s way into the sound on which they decided. Right off the bat on, “Drake’s Dad,” you can feel the Stax influence as Max Kerman sings about Beale Street in Memphis. Morning Report is very much a studi0-recorded road album. You can hear … Continue reading Arkells-Morning Report