of Montreal-Aureate Gloom

Since the release of 2010’s False Priest I’ve been listening to people say of Montreal lost whatever magic they had left. It was their tenth album, so maybe time finally caught up with the band. That would be a valid point of it weren’t completely wrong. False Priest is one of their strongest records to date, and a nice change of pace that continued on … Continue reading of Montreal-Aureate Gloom

Problem-Lift Off Tour

I just got sent a couple tracks by Compton-based rapper Problem, and they’re pretty good (I think the term “dope” would apply here). I’d never heard of him before, but he’s got a track featuring Childish Gambino that’s a lot of fun, and a remix of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” that almost makes me not hate that song-almost. Starting next week, Problem is kicking off a … Continue reading Problem-Lift Off Tour

Nightmares On Wax-N.O.W. Is The Time (Retrospective Album and Tour)

  The first time I heard Nightmares On Wax I had little to no knowledge of house music. I knew it was a genre, but not one that I had ever delved into myself. I picked up a copy of In A Space Outta Sound when it came out (2006) ┬áreally for no other reason than I liked the name and found the cover interesting. … Continue reading Nightmares On Wax-N.O.W. Is The Time (Retrospective Album and Tour)

Bedroom Sons Going On East Coast And Midwest Tour!

My favorite thing about writing here is bringing new music to the attention of those that either don’t have the time to find it themselves, or have no idea what they’re looking for. My hope is that some of you actually follow up and listen to the artists I present here, but I enjoy them either way. One of my favorite discoveries has been Bedroom … Continue reading Bedroom Sons Going On East Coast And Midwest Tour!

Mistaken For Strangers

Last night I walked into the tiny Facets Cinemateque theater to see Mistaken For Strangers. I thought it was just going to be a run-of-the-mill doc following the band around with a bunch of concert footage and some silly behind the scenes antics. Instead I saw a real movie about a man (director Tom Berninger) searching for his place in life and coming to terms … Continue reading Mistaken For Strangers