Jamaican Queens-“Joe”

In 2013 one of my favorite new groups was the Detroit-based band Jamaican Queens. Their album Wormfood came in at number 25 on my year-end list, and seeing them live at Schubas was one of the highlights of my concert calendar. They didn’t take too much time off, releasing a new song back in October. Now they’ve resurfaced once again with “Joe,” which premiered this … Continue reading Jamaican Queens-“Joe”

Jamaican Queens at Schubas 9/27/13

If someone had told me back in January that one of my favorite albums of the year would come from a trap-pop group from Detroit, I probably would have rolled my eyes. Here we are more than three quarters of the way through 2013, and Wormfood by Jamaican Queens is still hanging tough in my Top 25 more than 6 months after its release. It’s … Continue reading Jamaican Queens at Schubas 9/27/13

Bummer-“Low” (Video)

Seldom do I like a video that is based mostly on interpretive dance. Somehow the combination of new Chicago band Bummer and star of television’s Warehouse 13 Allison Scagliotti works. Maybe it’s because she’s also in one of my favorite episodes of Party Down, “Taylor Stiltskin’s Sweet 16.” I don’t know if she’s had training in ballet or not, but her dancing seems like she … Continue reading Bummer-“Low” (Video)