Molehill-“Hearts On Fire”

Chicago rockers Molehill have released the first of three singles coming out over the next few months that will make up their Hearts On Fire EP. The title track premiered on 50Thirdand3rd‘s website yesterday. The protest anthem feels very in-step with the times, and I’m all for any songs that stand behind the #Resist movement. Molehill has always been a band who knows what they … Continue reading Molehill-“Hearts On Fire”

In Photos: Molehill at Double Door 12/5/2015

Another Molehill show, another great time. These guys always do a great job of bringing the rock. This was their last show in Chicago for the year, and it was awesome. That’s pretty much par for the course nowadays, but any opportunity to see Molehill on stage is well worth your time. Continue reading In Photos: Molehill at Double Door 12/5/2015

On a personal note…with Molehill’s Trevor Jones

On A personal Note…. “Machines” by Biffy Clyro – written by Trevor Jones of Molehill   The first song I heard by Biffy Clyro was “Many of Horror” live from T in the Park 2010.  I was intrigued because it is such a beautiful pop song but was being sung by these shirtless Scottish gents who looked like they should be playing music that is much more … Continue reading On a personal note…with Molehill’s Trevor Jones

Molehill at Subterranean 2/22/13

Friday night I headed over to SubT to check out one of my favorite local bands, Molehill. They also happen to be one of my favorite live bands period, so I never miss the opportunity to catch a show. They took the headlining slot above three other groups-locals The Lauren Wolf Band and Blood Red Boots, along with Colombus, Ohio’s The Wet Darlings. I’d seen … Continue reading Molehill at Subterranean 2/22/13