Jenny Lewis at 80/35

Preceded by her band and a mysterious cup with a Bernie Sanders sticker across the front, Jenny Lewis took the stage to a grand applause. She launched into the Rilo Kiley song “Silver Lining,” the first of many older tunes played in the set. Beach balls were flying, Lewis and her band were all smiles, and the positive vibes were flowing through the now-much-larger 80/35 … Continue reading Jenny Lewis at 80/35

Tristen-“Catalyst” (Video)

Making a good music video is one of the hardest things to do. There are so many cliches a group or an artist can fall victim to, it’s hard to imagine why they even make them anymore. But, every once in a while a video will transcend the form and become as much a short film as it is a simple promotional tool for a … Continue reading Tristen-“Catalyst” (Video)

Get Ready For Dunn Dunn Fest, February 20-22

I wish I had half, hell, five percent of the tenacity and drive that Donnie Biggins has. Under the moniker Harmonica Dunn, he has his hands in about a hundred pies at any one time. I can’t even lift my face out of the one in front of me. He’s managing bands, he’s booking shows, he plays guitar and sings in The Shams Band, and … Continue reading Get Ready For Dunn Dunn Fest, February 20-22

The Elected at Schubas 7/2/11

Over the 4th of July weekend I was afforded the opportunity to check out a show by a talented songwriter that I’ve been following for almost a decade. Blake Sennett has been performing since a very young age, so I expected a very professional show. There weren’t a ton of surprises, but the ones that popped up were pleasant. Mike Bloom, a multi-instrumentalist who has … Continue reading The Elected at Schubas 7/2/11