Soda Sun-“Blood”

A happy belated birthday to Soda Sun’s John Goraj. The band have had a busy schedule ahead of the release of their debut album Stay Here (two singles are out in the world already, and today I’m sharing the third music video a couple days before it’s available to hear on their bandcamp page) so hopefully he got a couple days to relax and reflect … Continue reading Soda Sun-“Blood”

Shareef Ali-A Place To Remember The Dead

Something often forgotten by today’s folk singers is that folk music has a wider range than most genres. It can be a heartfelt ballad, a story of hope, or a call to arms for a downtrodden people. Shareef Ali, based out of the Bay Area in California, seems to understand this better than most. His new album, A Place To Remember The Dead, runs the … Continue reading Shareef Ali-A Place To Remember The Dead