Jeff Tweedy-Some Birds

Wilco has never been a band known for their great music videos, so I was a bit surprised by the intricacy of Jeff Tweedy’s latest solo clip. His new solo album, WARM, was announced this morning. Accompanying the announcement was a video for the first single, “Some Birds,” directed by Seth Henrikson (who also directed the video for Tweedy’s “Low Key” and the Michael Shannon … Continue reading Jeff Tweedy-Some Birds

Marrow Will Bring The Gold Standard To Subterranean 8/19/2015

I had the good fortune to catch Marrow open for Wilco back in December when Chicago’s favorite sons did a six-night residency at The Vic with a different local opener every night. Liam Cunningham, singer/guitarist for Marrow, is also a part of Tweedy’s touring band for his project with his drumming son Spencer. I can honestly say that there was no nepotism involved in Marrow … Continue reading Marrow Will Bring The Gold Standard To Subterranean 8/19/2015

Wilco Headline Pitchfork With Surprise Album

The big question going into tonight’s final slot was what Wilco would do with their hour and a half. They could easily just play the usual hits and leave the audience with a smile on their face. Or, they could change it up and play their entire new album straight through. Thankfully they chose to do the latter. Star Wars sounds way better live that … Continue reading Wilco Headline Pitchfork With Surprise Album

Wilco at 80/35

Wilco brought their 20th anniversary tour to the people of Des Moines at 80/35, and like every other stop along the way they did not disappoint. Playing a mix of hits off Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born, and deep cuts you’ll only find on the recent rarities album, the set featured enough change ups to keep even the biggest fans guessing. “Shouldn’t … Continue reading Wilco at 80/35