Valentine’s Love Fest

   In past years I’ve always made a playlist of songs that I thought fit with the Valentine’s Day celebration. This year, I’ve decided to do a list of films instead, since there aren’t enough good love songs coming out every year to necessitate a new list. So here are some things you can watch with your boo/bae/significant other. The Philadelphia Story: Cary Grant as … Continue reading Valentine’s Love Fest

February 14th 2013 Playlist

It’s funny how different people interpret a holiday like Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s the best day of the year, and if it isn’t celebrated by everyone around them with the utmost enthusiasm their whole day is ruined. I’m sure a lot of guys out there think of it as a hassle that they have to pick out a gift for their significant other (and … Continue reading February 14th 2013 Playlist