Pinkerton Raid-Jefferson Davis Highway

The United States Of America is a weird place. The founders built the country on the ideals of a democracy a couple hundred years ago, and we still haven’t quite figured out what that means. Now, in the grand scheme of things The US is relatively new to the game. Democracy has been around for 2,600 years, with lots of hiccups along the way. So … Continue reading Pinkerton Raid-Jefferson Davis Highway

Jon Daly-Cheer Me Up

Last month I did a rewatch of all three season of The Kroll Show. During that time, I came to really appreciate the comedy stylings of Jon Daly. He’s a great complement to Kroll’s energy, and his characters are all really funny. In particular I love his Pittsburgh pawn shop owner whose accent I can not figure out at all (does anyone from Pittsburgh talk … Continue reading Jon Daly-Cheer Me Up

Brick Briscoe-Cody Jarrett

Reading up just a little on Brick Briscoe brought me to a surprising revelation: This guy is basically me if I ever had the slightest hint of ambition. He’s a small-town renaissance man with his hands in a lot of pies: a radio and television personality hosting a show where he travels and discovers new music (hello dream job!) among other things. A somewhat-schooled filmmaker … Continue reading Brick Briscoe-Cody Jarrett