CHVRCHES-Miracle (Video)

With jut a month to go before their new album Love Is Dead gets released, CHVRCHES are amping up the hype with a video for their latest single “Miracle.” The song debuted earlier this month, but this clip really takes it to another level. It’s all one take, with Lauren Mayberry kicking some ass in slightly stilted motion. The way it’s shot creates a feeling … Continue reading CHVRCHES-Miracle (Video)

Molehill-Tin God (Video)

It’s been almost a full year since the last time Molehill was mentioned on this site. That seems crazy, because for a while there they were dominating the bandwidth here. It was just two years ago that I asked them to play the 5th anniversary show for Music.Defined., and they blew the roof off of Beat Kitchen in doing so. Last week they hit UpState … Continue reading Molehill-Tin God (Video)

Little Junior-I Really Like You

Shot-for-shot remakes aren’t a sure bet. Look no further than the abomination that is Gus Van Sant’s attempt at remaking Psycho. However, sometimes they can work and even improve upon the original. Case in point, Little Junior’s video for their cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You.” The original is a fun lark with Tom Hanks being adored by fans (is it a … Continue reading Little Junior-I Really Like You