Vintage Blue-Strike The Mics

You probably noticed an influx of Vintage Blue posts between mid-December and January. They played the House Of Blues, came by to record a Hasty Revelations session, AND had their record release party in the span of one month. That’s why I waited until the last minute to review Strike The Mics, which finally sees its release tomorrow, February 14th. If you read any of … Continue reading Vintage Blue-Strike The Mics

Vintage Blue Record Release Show

The excitement was palpable as we entered Subterranean on Saturday night for Vintage Blue’s record release show. The place was packed tighter than the red line during rush hour. The lineup for the evening was kicked off by Elisa Grace. After that Vintage Blue playing to a room full of fans, and then Ty Stone (a Detroit rocker who is signed to Kid Rock’s label). … Continue reading Vintage Blue Record Release Show

Vintage Blue At The House Of Blues 12/17/11

Last week was one of the better weeks of Chicago music in a while. Wilco played their “Shrinking Venue” shows, which ended Sunday at Lincoln Hall. I went to two of those shows, the largest venue and the second smallest (Metro). Incredible nights worth the price of admission plus some. The week continued to be great when Kari and I went to check out a … Continue reading Vintage Blue At The House Of Blues 12/17/11