CIFF Capsule Review: Timbuktu

In Abderrahmane Sissako’s Timbuktu, we get a long look at events we’ve only seen a glimmer of here in the states. A small group of militants take over the town, changing the laws as they see for based on their interpretations of the Quran. The leader of the local mosque claims he has no problem with their proclaimed jihad, but he does have issues with … Continue reading CIFF Capsule Review: Timbuktu

Terrible Spaceship-Invaders ’38 Record Release Show

Normally when I go to a record release show, or any show for that matter, I have  a pretty good idea of what I’m getting myself into. But after  I read a couple quotes about this band, I decided to go in with as little knowledge as possible. This remark from the Chicago Tribune pretty much nails it, “equally influenced by Danny Elfman, Portishead and … Continue reading Terrible Spaceship-Invaders ’38 Record Release Show