Top 5ive: Pitch4k 2021

We were collectively robbed of a music festival last year that would have featured headlining performances from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The National, and Run The Jewels. Despite every person I talk to under 30 having no idea who Run The Jewels are, that’s a ridiculously good headliner list. The make-up festival that took place last weekend, featuring a lot of the same undercard performers, … Continue reading Top 5ive: Pitch4k 2021

Waxahatchee-“La Loose” Video

Sad story, at this very moment we were supposed to be in New York City touristing around for the day until the Ground Control Touring‘s 15th anniversary show at Webster Hall. Instead, some work stuff came up and I’m battling a cold. Too bad, because the lineup is unbelievable, including some of my favorites like Titus Andronicus and The Felice Brothers. Waxahatchee will also be … Continue reading Waxahatchee-“La Loose” Video

My Favorite Photos From Pitchfork 2015

I don’t consider myself a “concert photographer.” I’m not touring with bands, doing album covers and press photos. And I’m sure as hell not making any money at it. I go to a lot of shows and write reviews that need photos, so I take them. If Kari is at the show, she’ll take them because she’s a much better photographer than I am. That … Continue reading My Favorite Photos From Pitchfork 2015

Waxahatchee Wails At Pitchfork

“We would’ve never written that song if not for Kathleen Hanna…or this one.” That was Katie Crutchfield imploring the audience for her band to leave the green stage and hit the blue for The Julie Ruin’s set across the park. The words were sincere, but no one heeded her call as they were already enjoying the tunes provided by Waxahatchee. A little louder than on … Continue reading Waxahatchee Wails At Pitchfork