The Official 80/35 Preview

  It’s been 7 years since I last walked across the hallowed grounds of Gateway Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Year 1 of the 80/35 music festival was quite a surprise for those who doubted a Midwestern summer music fest outside of Chicago or Milwaukee could be successful right off the bat. The people organizing did a fantastic job getting bands that had a wide appeal … Continue reading The Official 80/35 Preview

80/35 Reveals Initial Lineup

I went to the inaugural 80/35 Festival in Des Moines way back in 2008. The headliners were The Roots and The Flaming Lips, and since it was 4th of July weekend, it was capped off with a fireworks show. Since that year I’ve felt like the lineups have all been a step backwards, not coming close to the bands that played the first-one exception being … Continue reading 80/35 Reveals Initial Lineup

Bedroom Sons-We Would’ve Followed You Forever

It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s been eight months to the day since Bedroom Sons put out the EP Take Your Time. Maybe it’s just that I listen to it often enough that the record still seems new to me. Regardless, eight months is much too long to wait when an artist is putting out fantastic material three or four songs at a time … Continue reading Bedroom Sons-We Would’ve Followed You Forever

Lyn Saga-Venice

A lot of bands like to be absolutely clear about what their sound should be interpreted as. “We sound a lot like Wilco” is the one I hear most (I’m in Chicago, after all). Other artists don’t get bogged down in labeling their music, and I think that’s the category Lyn Saga falls into. You can point out influences all over the place, but there … Continue reading Lyn Saga-Venice