By Surprise-Criteria 7″

I’m a couple weeks behind on this release, but I think you’ll be happy with this release regardless of when you hear it. This new three song 7″ was released on January 15th on Topshelf, and it’s already garnered some good buzz. I was sent one of the songs to check out and immediately knew that I would like it. There’s something about this small … Continue reading By Surprise-Criteria 7″

Titus Andronicus-Local Business

Titus Andronicus is one of my favorite bands in the world right now. 2010’s The Monitor was a revelation of sloppy punk facades covering aspirations of Springsteen. It instantly became one of my all-time classic records, and I spin it at least a few times a month over two years later. So, the news that a new Titus album was on it’s way got me … Continue reading Titus Andronicus-Local Business


There is a certain amount of genius needed to make the kind of music Brian King does under the moniker Oranjuly. Lucky for us, he has enough and then some. On this self-titled debut, Brian not only wrote all the songs, but played all the instruments and, I assume, had band meetings that produced tension and led to band breakups and eventual reunions. I wasn’t … Continue reading Oranjuly