2017 Pitchfork Schedule

Please keep in mind that this is not the official Pitchfork schedule. For that you can go to their website and see everything that’s going to be happening. I’m just highlighting the stuff that I think is worth checking out. It’s a pretty full festival, but for the most part it’s spaced out enough that you can catch a lot of music. On Friday the … Continue reading 2017 Pitchfork Schedule

Pitchfork Festival Schedule Can’t Miss Guide

   One of the toughest parts of going to any music festival is knowing who you can see and who you can skip. While I wouldn’t recommend skipping anyone at Pitchfork (well, maybe ILOVEMAKKONEN-unless Drake shows up), I definitely think there are some you absolutely need to see. I’ve put their names in bold below. 2015 PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL SCHEDULE:  FRIDAY, JULY 17 8:30pm – … Continue reading Pitchfork Festival Schedule Can’t Miss Guide