The Film Society-EP

The Film Society is a solo project from Chicago-based musician Joe Grazulis. You’d never guess that one person could put all this together (with some help from drummer Kevin O’Donnell. Together they use modern methods to make the best Donovan record since The Hurdy Gurdy Man. This five-song collection kicks off with “Shoot To Kill Arrow.” It begins with a dancing bass line and finger … Continue reading The Film Society-EP

The Greatest Movie Musicals Of All-Time

Everything I’ve done this week has been very rock-heavy, so I wanted to do a list this week that gave me a bit of a break from sonic overload. There was a time when liking musicals was seen as unmanly, that only chicks could dig a movie where people dance and sing for no reason. That changed after Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! became the first … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Musicals Of All-Time