90 Worst Films Of The 90’s

A couple weeks ago I dropped my list of the top 90 movies of the 90’s. I spent a good amount of time with it, but the decade was still nagging me after I posted. As much as I love 90’s movies and could watch them all day every day, there’s way more bad than good. That’s probably true for every decade, but the 90’s … Continue reading 90 Worst Films Of The 90’s

Worst Disappointments Of 2014

We still have a month left in 2014, so there’s plenty of time for me to be disappointed by everyone. But we’ll take a couple weeks off for the holidays, and once you take out time for sleeping and eating it’s basically just a couple days-a weekend really. Better get it over with now. These are the 10 things I was most disappointed by in … Continue reading Worst Disappointments Of 2014