Night Beds-“Tide Teeth”

Toward the end of 2014, Night Beds took a turn and changed up their musical style. Their last album was kind of sleepy folk music-country ballads, almost. They released the single “Me Liquor & God” and it was like a completely different band. Now the sound is full of synths and beats, nothing like before. They’ve put out another single, “Tide Teeth,” that makes it … Continue reading Night Beds-“Tide Teeth”

Record Store Day Recap

Yesterday was a great celebration for music fans and record enthusiasts around the world. Special limited-edition vinyl releases, in-store performances, and free swag from the stores themselves. A joyous day that I wish never had to end. I had to get to the record store early because I had to be at work by 11. I rode the bus over to Saki and walked in five minutes … Continue reading Record Store Day Recap