Hemmingbirds Say Goodbye At Lincoln Hall

It was a veritable who’s who of great Chicago music at Lincoln Hall last Thursday night, as members of various bands came together to bid farewell to Hemmingbirds. After a great six-year run, the band decided to call it quits with an awesome lineup of music at one of Chicago’s best venues. There was a lot of stage sharing between the four acts, and it … Continue reading Hemmingbirds Say Goodbye At Lincoln Hall

Hemmingbirds Set To Fly Away At Lincoln Hall

Hemmingbirds hit the Chicago music scene six and a half years ago with their ambitious debut record, Death Wave. Over those years they released a fairly steady stream of music that you could list among the best coming out of this city. Now, sadly, it is time for the band to dissolve, with one final show Thursday December 29th at Lincoln HallĀ (click for tix). I … Continue reading Hemmingbirds Set To Fly Away At Lincoln Hall

Hiber at Ribfest 6/12/2016

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to catch Hiber‘s first show ever. The Future Laureates frontman Danny Surico assembled a great group around him featuring Hemmingbirds Yoo Soo Kim and Dan Lieber (Ezra Lange took over bass duties for this show). Today they took the stage at one of Chicago’s great institutions, Ribfest. They played a mix of old Laureates songs and new stuff … Continue reading Hiber at Ribfest 6/12/2016