Kate Epps Valentines EP Redux

British singer/songwriter Kate Epps has been featured here a couple of times before. I reviewed her Soft Pink EP last year, and then she was kind enough to write an essay about the Marina & The Diamonds track “Fear And Loathing.” Earlier in 2016 she released a 3-song set to commemorate Valentine’s Day, and the songs weren’t exactly akin to Air Supply or REO Speedwagon. … Continue reading Kate Epps Valentines EP Redux

GoodcaT-[Turn Signal]

It’s been a long week and it’s finally Friday, so I’m giving you a treat in the form of a new video from our unofficial favorite shooter Bruce Bales. This one is for a Des Moines-based band just starting out called GoodcaT. They paint with a pretty big brush, so you’ll find all kinds of influences in their music: folk, rock, psych, ska, and chamber-pop … Continue reading GoodcaT-[Turn Signal]

Sunday Catch Up-Music Submissions I Have Not Reviewed

There’s been a lot of stuff flying under the radar this summer, as I’ve been focusing more on hitting live shows and enjoying the outdoors when it isn’t raining or a million degrees. I didn’t want to deprive you of all the good music you may not find on your own, so I’m posting some here for you to listen and make your own judgements-you’re … Continue reading Sunday Catch Up-Music Submissions I Have Not Reviewed