Top 50 Albums Of 2016

  Lemonade isn’t in my top 50 albums of the year. As queen Bey herself would say, “Sorry, I ain’t sorry.” If that makes you say “Boy, bye” than I’ll quote her again: “I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you.” Like most years, 2016 was neither as bad as some would like to make you think nor great. Unless you’re just talking about the year as a … Continue reading Top 50 Albums Of 2016

Christopher The Conquered-I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll

If you’ve been paying attention to this site at all over the last year or so, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Christopher The Conquered. He’s been very kind in making time to chat with me, even performing a song that’s on his latest record for an exclusive way back in 2014. He’s almost as kind as he is talented, which is saying … Continue reading Christopher The Conquered-I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll

Interview With Christopher The Conquered

  Last week I had the great privilege to speak with Christopher The Conquered. The brilliant singer/songwriter is on the verge of releasing the unmistakably great album I’m Giving Up On Rock And Roll. It’s already been hailed by critics (and is my currently my #1 album of 2016), and none other than Ryan Adams himself praised the record as “crazy and incredible.” In the … Continue reading Interview With Christopher The Conquered

Christopher The Conquered-Everybody Rains (Video)

A while back Christopher The Conquered launched a campaign to raise funds for a music video he had dreamed up as a full-on two-minute musical. Yesterday that video finally saw the light of day, debuting on Billboard’s website. It’s a fun clip that Chris wrote and directed with Matthew McIver and some help from Bruce Bales of Deft Productions. I’ve been talking a lot about … Continue reading Christopher The Conquered-Everybody Rains (Video)