Emily Vaughn-Dead 2 Me

This Valentine’s Day I received a ton of emails featuring new songs or videos specifically for this special occasion. Lots of stuff about carefree, passionless romance that all sounds the same. Then I happened upon this video for a song called “Dead 2 Me” by Emily Vaughn. I’d never heard of her before today, but in the publicity email they referred to her as the … Continue reading Emily Vaughn-Dead 2 Me

Candlebox at House Of Blues 2/11/19

It’s difficult to get my head around the fact that the debut album by Candlebox came out over 25 years ago. I can still remember being in the living room at my parent’s house watching 120 Minutes when the “Far Behind” video started getting a lot of airplay. I loved the song and it became one of the first pieces of music I bought with … Continue reading Candlebox at House Of Blues 2/11/19

Robert DeLong at Concord Music Hall 2/6/19

I can’t really speak on Robert DeLong‘s music. I haven’t listened to him enough to have an opinion, and I certainly haven’t listened to enough to break it down and have anything intelligent to say about it. I caught a few songs of his headlining set at Concord Music Hall because I was there covering morgxn, and I’m glad I stuck around to see it. … Continue reading Robert DeLong at Concord Music Hall 2/6/19

morgxn At Concord Music Hall 2/7/19

My idea of what a morgxn live set might look like was completely wrong. From listening to his songs I saw a guy seated at a piano/keyboard singing his heart out with some quiet accompaniment. The reality was a bit more electrifying, with morgxn in almost constant motion while a guitarist broke off riffs and a drummer laid down the beats for a set full … Continue reading morgxn At Concord Music Hall 2/7/19