Astrid Cordes-Surrender

In the decade of so that I’ve been writing about music, I’ve covered a fair amount of songs about children and parenthood. I don’t think that at any point in that time I heard an artist give themselves over so fully to the joys of that responsibility as Astrid Cordes. The Danish singer/songwriter has put together “Hurry Up And Kiss Me While The Baby’s Still … Continue reading Astrid Cordes-Surrender

Jonny Strykes-All The Way Home/Gimme A Sign

A month or so ago I got my first listen to the music of Jonny Strykes with two songs that provided a little taste of his talents, but left me wanting more. Fortunately, he has followed those tracks with two tracks that feel more confident and sharp. These tunes that make up his latest double single slide right into my wheelhouse of synth pop and … Continue reading Jonny Strykes-All The Way Home/Gimme A Sign

Nik Freitas-Summer Hearts

It’s been a great year for artists reimagining some of their classic works. A couple months ago we got the official album version of Dylan’s Shadow Kingdom, and a while before that came U2’s Songs Of Surrender. Both releases a testament to the unending evolution of creativity. This week Nik Freitas added his own song to the growing list of revised tunes. Freitas is best-known … Continue reading Nik Freitas-Summer Hearts

Pitchfork 2023 Day 3 Recap

From the moment I saw Sunday’s schedule, I knew it was far and away the best day of the festival. There were more acts I wanted to see on this one day then there were the other two days combined. It was a long and busy day, made longer by starting off with an early screening of Oppenheimer to complete my #Barbenheimer weekend. I actually … Continue reading Pitchfork 2023 Day 3 Recap

Pitchfork 2023 Day 2 Recap

There seems to be one day every festival that starts out normal and quickly descends into chaos. For 2023, that day was Saturday. Already the weakest in my view, the weather decided to have some fun with all the music lovers who showed up in time to catch MJ Lenderman. That didn’t include me, of course. No, my Saturday started off with a large popcorn … Continue reading Pitchfork 2023 Day 2 Recap