Pitchfork 2018: Day 1

Between periods of rain and sun, Pitchfork got off to a good start on Friday. A whole lot of people came early despite the showers to catch some great acts like Lucy Dacus and Melkbelly. I got there a little bit later, in time to see Open Mike Eagle hit the Blue Stage which is where I spent the majority of the day. I stuck … Continue reading Pitchfork 2018: Day 1

The Magic Numbers at Mercury Lounge 7/18/18

13 years after falling in love with The Magic Numbers I was resigned to the idea that I’d probably never see them play live. They last played in Chicago before I moved here (8 years ago) and have primarily played shows in the UK and South America. Short of flying to their hometown my chances to catch a show were pretty slim. Miraculously they found … Continue reading The Magic Numbers at Mercury Lounge 7/18/18

More Giraffes-Basement (Live)

I’ve really enjoyed the evolution of music videos since the downfall of the original TRL. From the extravagance of big-budget Hype Williams and Dave Meyers videos to the DIY clips with badly synced sound, music videos have long been a part of the album cycle for bands. They’re also sometimes a good way to treat the fans with a quick one-off or cover track. 90 … Continue reading More Giraffes-Basement (Live)

Nadalands-The New Day EP

I was recently sent the new EP from Fort Collins-based musician John Lindenbaum, who plays under the moniker Nadalands. I had the chance to give it a couple listens right away and then I was out of town for a few days and left it alone. Upon listening again, I’m struck by how solidly the songs are constructed. He switched from the basic instruments to … Continue reading Nadalands-The New Day EP

Bent Knee at Schubas 7/11/18

Boston band Bent Knee have a sound that you could never pinpoint. It doesn’t have any geographic landmarks like the Chicago Blues or the Seattle Grunge scene. It exists on its own plane, unlike anything else. They play with a crazy intensity that quickly infects the crowd into a kind of savage wildness normally attributed to moshing heavy metal fans. They’re not quite playing heavy … Continue reading Bent Knee at Schubas 7/11/18