Oliver Ignatius & Ezra Miller-sadtown

Way back in June of 2011 I first wrote about Oliver Ignatius and his band The Hysterics. Shortly thereafter I had the pleasure of interviewing him after he contacted me to set the record straight on how everything went down with the dissolving of that group. We became friends and down the line he sent me some stuff by Sons Of An Illustrious Father, a … Continue reading Oliver Ignatius & Ezra Miller-sadtown

Top 90 Movies Of The 90’s

I’ve been pretty deep in the weeds musically the past few weeks. Saw some great films recently, though. Today I was thinking about my Top 90 of the 90’s Spotify playlist and wondering why I never put anything together for movies. So, here it is. My definitive ranking of the top 90 movies of the 90’s. Please do not ask me why The Sandlot is … Continue reading Top 90 Movies Of The 90’s

Martin Van Ruin-On The Level (Video Premiere)

It’s been a few years since Martin Van Ruin’s brilliant debut, Every Man A King. I’m very excited that their follow-up will finally arrive next Friday, and that they’ll be appearing at Fitzgerald’s the same night to play it live. Derek Nelson is a great songwriter and performer, so I’m sure Current Day won’t disappoint. Today I’m premiering the latest video off the record, “On … Continue reading Martin Van Ruin-On The Level (Video Premiere)

John Simon On Big Pink: Music From Big Pink Turns 50

Last month the legendary Music From Big Pink turned 50 years old. In the hullabaloo surrounding the landmark anniversary, Robbie Robertson was interviewed many times. As one of two surviving members of The Band, it makes sense that people would want to hear about it straight from the source. However, there’s another voice that could shed some light on the birth of Americana music, producer … Continue reading John Simon On Big Pink: Music From Big Pink Turns 50

Bahamas at Pritzker Pavilion 8/6/18

I wasn’t a big fan of the new Bahamas record, Earthtones, when it came out earlier this year. Still, I saw him play at Metro with The Weather Station and found myself enjoying the tunes more when they were played live. That continued last night at Pritzker Pavilion, where he played a free set with Bad Bad Hats. The venue wasn’t as packed as it … Continue reading Bahamas at Pritzker Pavilion 8/6/18