Ranking Pitchfork 2016

This year saw a lot of great performances from acts who we would expect it from, and some we wouldn’t. I didn’t get to see every set, but I saw alot. These were the best in my opinion:

1. Savages-Jehnny Beth and her band destroyed a mid-afternoon set on the main stage the same way Deafheaven did in 2014.

2. Kamasi Washington-Large crowds and jazz don’t always go together, but when you bring out a dude like this-the great master of his generation-the people will come. 

3. Twin Peaks-Chicago boys making sure they were heard by playing loud and fast rock and roll.

4. Blood Orange-I was afraid the performance would be too chill based on Freetown Sound‘s heavy vibeness. All that was out to rest when Dev Hynes came out and poured his heart and soul out on the stage.

5. Broken Social Scene-You’d never know it’d been 5 years since they played live (well, except for the night before at Metro). They played some jams from Forgiveness Rock Record (recorded here in Chicago), and gave us a taste of the new album. It all sounded great to me.

The People Of Pitchfork Day 2/3

I didn’t have time to flip through the photos I took of random people on Saturday and Sunday. I know everyone wants to see all the weirdos and live vicariously through the people in the pictures, but I try to put an emphasis on the music here, so the bands came first.

Porches at Pitchfork Music Festival

Kicking off Sunday is never an easy task, but Porches was up to the challenge. A larger-than-expected crowd came to dance with them in the sizzling summer sun.

Neon Indian at Pitchfork Music Festival

The blue stage was running so far behind I decided to go check out Neon Indian’s set on the red stage. I’ve never been a fan, but the set was entertaining and the sound was really good.

Sun Ra Arkestra at Pitchfork Music Festival

Sunday at Pitchfork was one of the jazziest in festival history. The legendary Sun Ra Arkestra played a fantastic set (that ran a little long, causing delays later), of which the audience could not get enough.

Kamasi Washington at Pitchfork Music Festival

One of my most anticipated sets of Pitchfork turned out to be one of the best. Kamasi Washington and his band played tracks from The Epic and turned the whole crowd into huge jazz fans; at least for the time they were on stage.

Thundercat at Pitchfork Music Festival

The blue stage on Sunday was running a full half-hour behind schedule, so I only got a chance to catch one song from the funky bassmaster Thundercat. The wait was well worth it as he vibed and grooved with the crowd.


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