Molehill-Tin God (Video)

It’s been almost a full year since the last time Molehill was mentioned on this site. That seems crazy, because for a while there they were dominating the bandwidth here. It was just two years ago that I asked them to play the 5th anniversary show for Music.Defined., and they blew the roof off of Beat Kitchen in doing so. Last week they hit UpState … Continue reading Molehill-Tin God (Video)

Diarrhea Planet at Park West 4/11/18

Last week I finally had a chance to see Diarrhea Planet play live and they did not disappoint. They may have played for 20 minutes or an hour, I really don’t know. Time loses all meaning when you’re having that much fun watching a band rock out at such a high level. With six guys on stage, there was always something interesting taking place on … Continue reading Diarrhea Planet at Park West 4/11/18

The Darkness at Park West 4/11/18

Almost two years ago to the day, I saw The Darkness for the first time. They were great and I was upset that I had never seen them before. I knew right then that I had to catch another show, so I was very lucky when I got the opportunity to shoot their show at Park West earlier this week. I understand they aren’t as … Continue reading The Darkness at Park West 4/11/18

Rivers Cuomo at Beat Kitchen 4/10/18

For the majority of their career, I never considered myself a Weezer fan. I liked them well enough, but they were never a go-to for me. At the time when they first started getting popular I was in 8th grade and I have a memory of sitting at the lunch table with my friends singing “Buddy Holly” after that music video hit the airwaves of … Continue reading Rivers Cuomo at Beat Kitchen 4/10/18