Jeff Tweedy-Some Birds

Wilco has never been a band known for their great music videos, so I was a bit surprised by the intricacy of Jeff Tweedy’s latest solo clip. His new solo album, WARM, was announced this morning. Accompanying the announcement was a video for the first single, “Some Birds,” directed by Seth Henrikson (who also directed the video for Tweedy’s “Low Key” and the Michael Shannon … Continue reading Jeff Tweedy-Some Birds

Ric Wilson-Sinner (video)

It’s been a few months since I first wrote about Ric Wilson. He had a great summer: released his EP, had a big release show, and opened for Goldlink at a Lollapalooza after show. He just put out a new video for the song “Sinner,” featured on the above-mentioned EP, Banba. The video, starring Vic Mensoni and Taivon Jackson, has a great faded look that … Continue reading Ric Wilson-Sinner (video)

K Flay at Concord Music Hall 9/15/18

K Flay followed up her appearance at Riot Fest on Friday with an after show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago Saturday night. It’s taken a few years for the mainstream to catch up with her talent, but 2017 was a huge turning point for the rapper/producer/songwriter. She’s been featured in TV commercials for Nissan and the NBA playoffs. My favorite drop was when “Blood … Continue reading K Flay at Concord Music Hall 9/15/18

Rotem Sivan at House Of Blues 9/12/18

Rotem Sivan, virtuosic guitar master, came to Chicago last night for an opening slot with White Denim. Throwing the term “jazz” in front of the word “guitar” might give some people pause, but there’s a good reason a rock band would want him to warm up their crowd. The stereotypical Lounge-style jazz does not interest Rotem Sivan. Instead he and the others in his trio … Continue reading Rotem Sivan at House Of Blues 9/12/18

Slothrust-The Pact

Every couple of years our ears are gifted a great offering from Slothrust. Their third album, The Pact, comes out this Friday. It’s just one month short of the two year mark since their fantastic Everyone Else. During the gap they toured relentlessly, including a few shows here in Chicago. It also appears that they may have taken a look at their output and decided … Continue reading Slothrust-The Pact