Shonen Knife-Pop Tune


A couple weeks ago I reviewed an upcoming record by Belgian garage rock duo Black Box Revelations. I admitted that my knowledge of Belgian music was pretty limited. Well if that knowledge is limited, then my awareness of all-female Japanese rock music is non-existent. The only time I’ve really been exposed to that genre was the scene in Tarantino’s Kill Bill where The Bride shows up to The House Of Blue Leaves and The 5,6,7,8’s are performing on stage. Their screen time is pretty short, so not much I can go on.

So when I actually started listening to Shonen Knife I was amazed how I instantly felt familiar with the music. Not only was it something that I understood, but it’s done so well that you’d almost never know that these women didn’t grow up in southern California, surfing by day and rocking by night.

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