Fort Frances-Alio

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. That’s true of life in general, but it holds even more true creatively. Especially if that form of creativity is how you make a living. For example, a musician might have years of prolific songwriting that envelopes all genres and styles. But once that artist starts making money and realizes it’s a certain kind of song people … Continue reading Fort Frances-Alio

Josh Ritter-The Beast In Its Tracks

I don’t expect much from Josh Ritter. Just one thing, really-the truth. The fact that he’s a brilliant songwriter/singer/performer is a given. All I want from him is to be honest with me. And time after time he has proven to be the most genuine guy around. There are writers who pen confessionals, and then there are people who lay it out straight and tell … Continue reading Josh Ritter-The Beast In Its Tracks


The first time I heard Bhi Bhiman was almost exactly ten months ago at South By Southwest. I was there covering the fest for another website, and one of the highlights was that we were going to get to see Josh Ritter play a solo set at St. David’s Historical Sanctuary. The rest of the lineup, at the time, I could care less about. Bhiman, … Continue reading Bhiman