The One I Love-***** (Out Of *****)


Any time the Duplass brothers decide to put their efforts behind a production, I’m inclined to see the result. They have a knack for making low-budget indies with wide appeal. The One I Love might be their most interesting film to date, and that’s really saying something. Produced by the siblings, the film stars Mark (as Evan) along with Elizabeth Moss (Sophie) as a couple facing a rough time in their marriage. They’re sent on a getaway by their therapist, played by Ted Danson, as a way to reconnect.

The bizarre occurrences that take place on the property really test the two. There is a guest house visible from the kitchen of the main residence. The people they find when they enter the cottage throw Sophie and Ethan for a loop that would make Luis Malle proud. They’ve done a good job of keeping the rest of the plot under wraps, so I think saying any more would ruin it for you.

Duplass and Moss are both great in their roles. As a couple that’s drifted apart, they play Evan and Sophie as two people trying to rediscover the love and passion long missing in their relationship-Evan willing to try anything to regain Sophie’s trust while Sophie is incapable of seeing in Evan the man she married. Justin Lader’s script finds a way to both suspend our disbelief in some of the film’s logic while keeping the emotions very much grounded in reality.

Director Charlie McDowell makes his feature debut with this movie. He made a wise choice in letting the script and actors do most of the heavy lifting. The camera never seems intrusive, so it really feels more like we’re a fly on the wall just watching these characters as their story unfolds.

Released in theaters back in August, you can now watch The One I Love on demand through your cable provider, on Amazon instant video, or just buy the bluray.

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