Brian Wilson at Pitchfork Festival

The Beach Boys album Pet Sounds celebrated it’s 50th anniversary, so Brian Wilson decided to tour it one last time. The album is undeniably incredible, but for a music festival, the second half of the show where they just play all the old hits made for a more crowd-pleasing performance. Although, all the “Surfin’ USA” and “Help Me Rhonda” in the world doesn’t provide the … Continue reading Brian Wilson at Pitchfork Festival

Nik Freitas-New To Here

   It’s been a while since I’ve written about Nik Freitas. I continue to listen to his 2011 album Saturday Night Underwater, but things have been fairly quiet on the new music front since then. He did self-release a record called The Asterisk back in 2013, which flew completely under my radar. New To Here came out earlier in 2015, and I heard it back … Continue reading Nik Freitas-New To Here

Portugal. The Man-In The Mountain In The Cloud

┬áLast month I made my list of the best albums of 2011 up to that point. In The Mountain In The Cloud came out just a short time afterward, and everyone on my list should feel lucky they didn’t get it out sooner. I don’t know if it would have knocked any of the top 3 out of their spots, but it’s certainly a contender … Continue reading Portugal. The Man-In The Mountain In The Cloud


There is a certain amount of genius needed to make the kind of music Brian King does under the moniker Oranjuly. Lucky for us, he has enough and then some. On this self-titled debut, Brian not only wrote all the songs, but played all the instruments and, I assume, had band meetings that produced tension and led to band breakups and eventual reunions. I wasn’t … Continue reading Oranjuly