Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

Kari didn’t have the opportunity to shoot as many shows as I did this year, yet she came away with about as many worthwhile shots as me. Some of these were shot for this website, and some for Aesthetic Magazine out of Toronto, which she’s been shooting for the past couple years. Check out her Facebook page for more photos. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. … Continue reading Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

Ana Popovic On Hendrix And The Blues

The blues is considered by most to be an American genre of music. How did it find its way to you in Belgrade? My father Milton is a huge blues fan and I grew up listening to his record collection. He introduced me to all the blues greats and by the time I was 7 I’ve heard American Texas blues, Chicago blues, Delta blues, great … Continue reading Ana Popovic On Hendrix And The Blues

Chicago Blues Festival June 10th-June12th

There’s a lot going on this weekend in Chicago. I’m headed over to Rib Fest to check out my friends Fort Frances, and following that with Ezra Furman and the Harpoons. There are some good shows elsewhere, but if I didn’t have plans, I’d be getting ready to do a little jammin’ at the Chicago Blues Fest. We get a lot of festivals in the … Continue reading Chicago Blues Festival June 10th-June12th

The Dirty Rooks-Sugar Mama

Chicago, as a city, is so steeped in blues history that I sometimes don’t understand why new blues bands even bother. It’s damn near impossible to live up to some of the legends. Even being great in this city means you fall short. Yet time and time again, the city delivers young kids dabbling in the genre made famous here by Muddy Watters and countless … Continue reading The Dirty Rooks-Sugar Mama